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Plushie Commission by rieshirushi

These example are commissioned by my Facebook friend Alexa Huke except for Mary Kozakura ( Kagerou Project ) Mary Kozakura (Hides) [V2]  my plushie material supplier bought her Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]  he even compliment i make a good plushie i'm so happy and embarrassed at that time Blush-Small 


Here how to send commission request:-
>>send in note<<

Your username :
Plushie type and how many. for example >> [ OC : 1 ]
add detail : ( yes or no )
add accessory : ( yes or no )
reference link : ( must be full body, detail back and front and colored )

( the e-mail in picture is my Paypal e-mail )

i will start to make the plushie once you pay. also i will show the plushie progression.
by any chance if you have facebook messenger i prefer to post progression there because it's much easier to me.
note here if i can't get the right color for any part of you plushie i will try to get the most similar and ask your opinion first.

just in case if i unable to finish the plushie ( which i hope it won't happen ) i will inform you first and give full refund.

after i done making the plushie you will have to give important information and i will send them to you~~

Your username :
your real name :
your address :
your e-mail or any available contact :


anything you want to ask feel free to comment or send note! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Jump) [V6] 
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July 23, 2016


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